Bunshindou Hataseihitsusho (Hata Bunshindou)

  • Koso Hata
    The Fourth Master
    Date of birth: 11 September, 1987

    I grew up constantly watching my father at work. Now that I have become a brush craftsman myself, I have begun to understand the many hardships he endured, which only makes me admire and respect him more.

    From day one as a professional fude craftsman, I have been trying to master the creation of the goat-hair brush which my father developed using his own unique style. If I start with the most difficult technique, and succeed, I will betray, in a positive way, the traditional idea of fude craftsmanship.

  • The foundation of brush making has been thoroughly ingrained in me by my father. I still remember vividly the joy I felt when I completed my first brush. What makes me so excited is when my customers tell me that they are extremely happy with the brushes I produce.

    In Japan, brush craftspeople are aging quickly. I am one of the youngest. For the Kawajiri fude, in particular, there are few craftspeople of my generation. I want to master all the necessary skills and techniques in order to make the Kawajiri fude a treasured traditional craft, at the earliest possible date. In a sense, I will be able to breathe new life into its craft making. What I ultimately hope to accomplish is to contribute to the development of Japan's traditional culture through the promotion of the Kawajiri fude.

Major Achievements

  • 2011
    Produced the world’s first cosmetic brush using Kawajiri fude's traditional techniques in partnership with a makeup artist.
  • 2012
    An article related to the above project ran in the Chugoku Shimbun, the largest newspaper in the district.
  • 2018
    Articles in Life Magazine, a monthly publication by Shanghai Modern Media, and Mitsui Home Eye, a quarterly magazine published by Mitsui Home.
  • Yoshiyuki Hata
    The Third Master
    The First designated traditional craftsperson of Kawajiri fude (brush)
    Date of birth: 3 February, 1951

    Major Achievements