Bunshindou Hataseihitsusho (Hata Bunshindou)


  • Pride and Craftsmanship

    There is no room for compromise throughout our brush making process. Our craftsmanship always compels us to construct a brush that moves artists. We put our hearts and souls into creating a brush that will achieve richer expressions, which simply nobody else can duplicate.

Highest-quality raw material that is extremely rare

We obtained natural materials acquired more than 50 years ago from wild male goats that were raised in a pristine environment. We specifically selected hairs found from the chin area down to the goat's chest.

These hairs were stripped (with their skin still attached at their roots), and then "aged". This created an ideal texture for each hair strand as the aging process essentially purified them, and thus added flexibility and durability.

Since the very beginning, we have used these specific hairs to make our brushes. The exceptional quality of these raw materials is impossible to obtain or replicate. We use the hairs of various animals that have been similarly "aged" with the skin attached at their roots.

  • Extraordinary skills and expert knowledge

    Our craftspeople select the hairs one by one relying on their keen, well-trained eyes and dexterous hands that have experienced many years of brush making. They are able to accurately identify the characters of each hair, including its strengths and weaknesses. This is how they have refined the skills required for the process of "Kegumi (classification of hairs)" and by doing so accumulated several hundred patterns. for creating our brushes.

    The many awards we have received are the direct results of an objective evaluation of our extraordinary and accumulated skills. Every day is a new experience for us. These experiences serve to refine and improve our skills and knowledge, so they can be inherited by the next generations. As a consequence, the brushes we make under our careful processes are ever-evolving.