Bunshindou Hataseihitsusho (Hata Bunshindou)

  • General manager
    Yuri Hata

    I grew up watching the calligraphy brush-making of my grandfather Masumi and my father Yoshiyuki, second- and third-generation masters.
    My grandfather entered the world of calligraphy brush-making at an early age but was drafted to the military before his talent blossomed.
    After coming back from war, he resumed his practice. A few years later, my father was born.

    When I saw my grandfather working as a small child, he was already in the final stage of being a craftsperson. As a result, I did not have much time to see his actual brush-making.

  • Currently, my father Yoshiyuki is the head of Bunshindou.
    Having passed the age of seventy, the way he carries himself reminds me very much of my grandfather in my early childhood.
    How many more brushes can he create in his remaining artisan life?
    Perhaps, not very many.

    He puts his soul into every brush he makes. These brushes are truly his history.

  • I want to share his history with as many people as possible in the form of his calligraphy brushes.

    He always says, “I am completely satisfied when the owners of my brushes are happy. I feel deeply blessed as a craftsperson.”

    We are committed to continuing our pursuit of “achieving happiness for both the creator and the user.”